Saskatoon Hand Sanitizer

In general, nothing beats water and soap when it’s about preventing the spread of germs. However, a better alternative to germ prevention is an alcohol-based hand sanitizer. An alcohol-based hand sanitizer often comes in handy. Ultimately, some people still ask if the germs we hope to kill with hand sanitizer can develop a resistance.

Firstly, that’s a great question. However, there’s no one specific answer to that yet. What we know is that several strains can adjust to alcohol-based hand sanitizers, thus leading to resistance.

This is why it’s essential you use the best hand sanitizer available. If you live in Saskatoon and environs, you can buy the best hand sanitizer from us.

The best hand sanitizers contain nothing less than 70 percent isopropanol or 60 percent ethanol for ultimate effectiveness. According to the CDC (Center For Disease Control and Presentation), a hand sanitizer must contain at least 60 percent alcohol to prevent the spreading of germs and also protect you. 

Also, ensure your hand sanitizer container doesn’t have methanol. This is because methanol can be toxic when it passes through the skin.

Here at MMK Supply, we sell wholesale hand sanitizers and retail hand sanitizers in Saskatchewan. Our moisturizing formula contains the right percent of alcohol to help you combat germs and keep you safe.

To avoid getting in contact with germs, or diseases, prevent the spreading of germs, illness, and disease. The best way to stay away from germs is to prevent it by washing your hands regularly. 

Generally, you may have to ensure you wash your hands for at least 25 seconds or more. Soap and water are highly efficient in removing germs such as norovirus and others.

Hand Sanitizer: What is it?

Hand sanitizers are a movable and handy product that can effectively prevent the spreading of diseases and infections. However, it’s best you apply it correctly for the ultimate result and protection.

Hand sanitizers are gels with alcohol that aims at killing all germs present on your skin. The alcohol effectively and immediately kill bacteria and most viruses, thus giving you a better life.

Alcohol-based hand sanitizers can swiftly decrease the number of bacteria on hands. However, sanitizers do not eradicate all types of microbes.

For safety reasons, a hand sanitizer should be alcohol-based, with at least 60 percent ethanol, i.e., ethyl alcohol.

Benefits of Hand Sanitizer

There are several benefits of hand sanitizer. Many of them are from fighting germs effectively to dealing with them with ease and improving the skin. Using this germ-fighting product frequently throughout the day will enhance your health and cleanliness in general.

Here are a few other benefits of hand sanitizer:

  • Our MMK Supply hand sanitizer is effective at killing over 90% of common bacteria and germs

  • Our MMK Supply hand sanitizer prevents microbes from settling on your hands

  • It enhances your skin with continuous usage

  • Our moist hand sanitizers glide well on your palm with softness

At MMK Supply, we sell both wholesale or retail Health Canada approved hand sanitizers in Saskatchewan and environs.

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