PPE Supplies Saskatoon

The coronavirus pandemic has changed our world in many ways. As the relevant bodies continue the search for a solution, businesses and households must find ways to resume regular activities. While getting back to business is important; protecting yourself and those around you is even more important. That is where Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) comes in. Are you thinking of the right PPE supplies to get in Saskatoon? Here are the best ones to consider:

3-Ply Ear Loop Surgical Masks

Surgical masks are more important than ever in our world. Basically, everyone needs facemasks to protect themselves as well as those around them. Getting an adequate supply of our 3-ply earloop surgical masks is important for businesses and households. Three-layer protection is okay to keep everyone safe from droplets. These excellent masks ship nationwide.

KN95 Masks

This is another high-quality disposable mask that offers maximum protection from droplets. THE k95 Masks have a non-woven fabric layer, meltdown fabrics, as well as hot air cotton. The KN95 Masks come in a box of 50 pieces. It is ideal for family or office supply. They ship nationwide, so you can get as many boxes as you want delivered to your doorstep.

Face Shield

Face shields efficiently protect you from droplets and also prevent you from touching your face. These are important measures that can keep you safe. While offering an excellent protective layer, a face shield will also offer some degree of freedom. Wearers feel more comfortable with breathing and can speak freely. Face shields also keep the face completely visible. You will experience zero-obstruction, seeing clearly as you go about your regular business. The face shields you can get from MMK supply are made of high light transmission PET material. They offer anti-fog and anti-splash protection.

Warrior Hand Sanitizer

Observing social distancing can help you to a large extent, but the chances of getting germs on your hands are still pretty high. Hand sanitizers are not only necessary to prevent the spread of coronavirus; they are essential for personal hygiene. Having one with you at all times and using it appropriately can go a long way in keeping you safe from the coronavirus and other harmful microorganisms that cause different kinds of diseases.

Warrior Wipes

You can also get your supply of Warrior Wipes at the best possible price you can find anywhere. These are basically antibacterial, multi-use, industrial-strength wipes that are perfect for personal hygiene. They come in large and small sheets of 9" x 12" and 5" x 5", respectively. The large ones come in 450 sheets per pail, while the small ones come in 270 sheets per pail. These sanitary wipes ship nationwide, so you can get it can be delivered to your doorstep.

At MMK Supply, we specialize in sourcing, testing, and distributing personal protective equipment to retailers and end users all over Saskatoon and beyond. To get the best PPE supplies in Saskatoon, contact our company to speak with a sales rep here.