PPE Equipment Saskatoon

Since the outbreak of the global pandemic, the popularity of 'PPE' has grown astronomically. However, most people tend to believe personal protective equipment are for frontline health workers only. Little do they know that even before the global pandemic outbreak, supervisors in the construction and manufacturing industries have had to grapple with the task of securing the right equipment to keep their workers safe. The pandemic only highlights the importance of personal safety at work and shines a light on companies involved in PPE manufacturing and distribution.

As a leading personal protective equipment supplier in Saskatoon, we are proud to be one of those responsible for keeping workers safe. And we do not take our role for granted. If anything, we take extra precautions and subject the PPE passing through us to rigorous quality and safety tests. If you need a reliable supplier of high-quality PPE equipment in Saskatoon, MMK Supply should be the first name on your mind. Whether you need face masks, face shields, wipes, or traditional protective equipment for industrial workers, you can trust that we have you covered.

Why you should make MMK your go-to PPE suppliers in Saskatoon

Rigorous product testing

Before stocking or distributing any PPE, we ensure that they have been subjected to stringent quality and safety tests. We do not just see ourselves as distributors of PPE supplies in Saskatoon; we feel personally responsible for the safety of the personnel using our protective equipment. Thus, we go one step further to test everything that passes through us for safety, or ensure we only partner with trusted manufacturers of quality PPE.

Inventory tracking

If you partner with MMK Supply, we can reasonably guarantee that you'll never run out of stock on essential masks and PPE. Beyond being as your personal protective equipment supplier in Saskatoon, we double as your stock manager. Our company keeps a tab on clients' inventory via QR codes, and we'll know when your stock levels are down. That way, we can help you prepare your order ahead of time.

Top-notch service

Our company adopts a customer-centric approach, and we take pride in quality service delivery for all our esteemed clients. We strive to establish an excellent business relationship with our clients in Saskatoon and beyond and ensure their product flow is never interrupted. Furthermore, we do not just work with the final consumers. Our service delivery also extends to retailers of masks and PPE in Saskatoon and beyond.

Canada first

As a privately owned Saskatchewan based business, we take the task of supporting local manufacturers to heart. Whenever possible, we deal with Saskatoon PPE manufacturers and other companies with manufacturing plants in the country. We believe that everyone has a role to play in developing local businesses, and we take ours very seriously.

Are you looking for a reliable supplier of PPE equipment in Saskatoon or anywhere else in Canada? MK Supply should be the first name on your mind. Contact us today to speak with a sales rep, and we'll be glad to attend to your needs.