Disinfectant Wipes Saskatchewan

Since the outbreak of the global pandemic, most institutions and households have favored ready-to-use disinfectant wipes over the traditional towel and bucket method of cleaning. Disinfectant wipes come impregnated with the right quantity of active ingredients. Thus, it’s easier to achieve more effective cleaning with them. However, it’s vital to note that the brands of disinfectant wipes can influence their effectiveness. If you’re looking for the best disinfectant wipes in Saskatchewan, you need not look beyond the warrior wipes in stock at MMK Supply.

What are the advantages of cleaning with disinfectant wipes?

Using COVID-19 disinfectant wipes has numerous advantages over most other methods of disinfection. Some of them include:


As mentioned earlier, disinfectant wipes come impregnated with the correct ratio of chemicals. They would have been subjected to rigorous safety tests and verified fit for use in most environments. Furthermore, people cleaning disinfectant wipes do not have to handle large volumes of dangerous chemicals. Thus, there is little to no risk of inhaling or getting burnt by harmful substances.

Ease of use

Wipes and chemicals come in a convenient package. Al the cleaner has to do is grab the wipe, clean the surface, and dump it straight in the trash. On the other hand, using cleaning towels will involve spraying while cleaning and washing the towel after use. This makes using disinfecting wipes in Saskatoon the most convenient cleaning option.

Little training required

Cleaning surfaces with towels and sprays requires adequate training on the best practices for cleaning and how to use the method effectively. However, little to training is necessary for effectively using disinfectant wipes in Saskatchewan since they already come with the right mix of chemicals. Furthermore, the disposable nature of wipes ensures there’s little risk of spreading infections among cleaning personnel.

No cross-contamination

Another common mistake that comes with cleaning with the towel-and-bucket method is dipping already contaminated towels into the cleaning solution. This can lead to cross-contamination or decrease the effectiveness of the cleaning solution. With wipes, this problem is almost non-existent.

Great for cleaning messes or spills

In addition, disinfectant wipes are excellent for quickly cleaning or picking up smaller spills around your facility. With this, you can remove messes fast and keep your space clean.

Leaves no residue

The best disinfectant wipes in Saskatoon are disposable leave no residue during the cleaning process. This contrasts with cleaning with paper towels and spray bottles, which leave some residue that also needs to be cleaned.

Get the best Warrior Wipes from MMK Supply

If you wish to benefit from the numerous advantages of using environmentally-friendly disinfectant wipes, it’s vital to purchase quality wipes that have been subjected to rigorous testing. Our Warrior Wipes fit this bill, and they come in two different sizes. Our wipes are suitable for a wide variety of surfaces, and you can also get in touch with us for hand and body wipes. Contact us today to speak with a sales rep, and we'll be glad to attend to your needs.